Please use the form below to submit your biography and photograph for inclusion in the conference programme and website. You will be asked to submit your photograph on the next page of this form.

Deadline: Tuesday, 9 May 2017. Please note that information may not be included if it is submitted past this date.

Pictures should be uploaded as a high quality JPEG file only (no larger than 10mb and no smaller than 100kb please).

Some information with regard to presentations is below:

  • The deadline for submission of your presentation is Tuesday 30 May. Presentations should be emailed to conference@oilandgasuk.co.uk
  • Presentation slides must be provided in 4:3 ratio, NOT 16:9. To check the ratio of your slides in PowerPoint click ‘Design’, then ‘Slide Size’, and select 4:3
  • Presentations must NOT be submitted in PDF format but must be in PowerPoint format. The AECC run PowerPoint on Office 2016 so please submit your presentation in the newest version possible so that animations etc. are not affected
  • Wherever possible use bold colours and text. Remember the screens will be as large as possible but delegates at the back must be able to see just as easily as those at the front. Please stay away from too much detail on your slides, the bigger and bolder the better
  • If you are including video content, you MUST provide the raw video as a separate file, and not simply have the video content embedded in your presentation. Please bear in mind sound can not be played at a high level due to distraction this would cause other presentation sessions
  • Following the conference presentations will be available for delegates to download. If you have any sensitive information that you do not wish to be circulated please do not include this in your slides
  • There will be a laptop and slide advancer provided for you. In the plenary sessions you will be given a tie clip microphone, and in the parallel sessions there will be a lectern microphone to use
  • If you require any other equipment please contact the Events Team

If you have difficulties submitting your information please get in touch using the details below.

Contact Details:

The Oil & Gas UK Events Team


01224 577 460

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